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"Zaddy Red" Matte liquid lipstick

"Zaddy Red" Matte liquid lipstick

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Introducing our vibrant and long-lasting liquid lipstick in "Zaddy Red"! This shade is a bright true red with a noticeable blue undertone, making it a striking and captivating choice for any occasion.

Our liquid lipstick formula is designed for longwear, ensuring that your lips stay beautifully colored throughout the day or night. Whether you're heading to a special event, stage glam, a night out, or just want a bold and confident look, our "Zaddy Red" liquid lipstick will deliver the intense color and staying power you desire.

Formerly known as "Ferrari Red," this shade continues to be a classic favorite, perfect for making a statement and turning heads. Elevate your lip game with this stunning liquid lipstick and let your confidence shine through.

Experience the timeless elegance and lasting impact of "Ferrari Red" – a true red that never goes out of style.

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